The Situation

Local businesses rely now more than ever on showing up in searches for local services. Usage of phone books has substantially decreased, and this fact is bad news for businesses such as our client, an electrician in Pittsburgh. His four-page website was not even being indexed in Search Engines. Simply put: no one could find him online.
This electrical services provider tasked us with optimizing his site so that he would show up in searches for phrases like “Pittsburgh electrician”.

The Results

The client had identified 9 crucial local keyword terms. After not ranking for any terms when we took over, the site ranked for 7 of those 9 terms within 4 months and was on the first page for 3 of those terms.
Within 2 months, search traffic had increased by 205%. By 6 months, search traffic had increased by 388%. By the 9th month, search traffic had increased by 494%.

The Solution

Starting with a site audit, we identified the technical issues stopping the site from being indexed properly. From there, we made sure they had a strong local search presence and then built out content. We wanted to make sure the site had a wide array of content, covering questions locals may have while attempting to look like the local experts for all things electrical.