A business to consumer (B2C) company is very different than a business to business (B2B) company, and the same holds true for an e-commerce business. Creating an effective online marketing program for these types of businesses requires expertise that many agencies don’t have. Over the last decade and beyond, TwentySix2 Marketing has learned what it takes to win in:



For B2B companies, marketing is all about lead generation. With today’s technology, it’s easy to measure where leads originate, how much they cost and their ROI. The challenge is generating the right quantity of quality leads and then converting those into closed sales.

There are a few things that make B2B sales and marketing unique (from B2C):

  • Complex product or service
  • Narrow market segment
  • Longer sales cycle
  • Educated customer
  • Multiple decision makers

The world of B2B marketing begins with the customer and the process they go through to make a purchase decision. The typical B2B purchase process is a 10 step dance that we call the “persuasion continuum”:

  1. Identify a business problem or need
  2. Conduct online research to learn more and find possible solutions
  3. Locate websites for potential vendors/solutions
  4. Compare vendor products, services, capabilities and pricing
  5. Create a short list of vendors that meet some minimum decision criteria
  6. Contact sales to request a proposal
  7. Review proposals
  8. Ask questions/Voice objections
  9. Negotiate pricing and terms
  10. Make purchase

Notice how much happens before the customer ever contacts sales in step 6? B2B buyers typically do a great deal of research before they ever speak to a sales person, and they explore all options before making a purchase decision. These purchasers consult a variety of information sources including website content, industry research, online videos, social media and customer reviews.

TwentySix2 Marketing understands how these unique attributes of the B2B sales process can affect online marketing. We have worked with well over two hundred B2B companies in the areas of search engine optimization, content marketing, paid search and social media. By creating a holistic B2B online marketing plan, we can help you generate more high-quality leads and convert those leads to closed sales.



For B2C companies, marketing is all about customer acquisition and retention. There are a few aspects of B2C sales and marketing that are unique (from B2B):

  • Large target market
  • Simple product or service
  • Short sales cycle (often an impulse buy)
  • Single decision maker
  • Low purchase price

Critical Components of B2C Marketing

  • Branding
  • Website visibility
  • Positive online reviews
  • Consumer generated content
  • Social media engagement

TwentySix2 Marketing understands how these unique attributes of B2C companies can affect online marketing. We have worked with some of the biggest and most successful B2C companies in the world in the areas of search engine optimization, content marketing, social media and paid search advertising. By creating a holistic B2C online marketing plan, we can help you connect with and retain more customers.



The biggest advantage e-commerce companies have over their brick and mortar counterparts is that they can measure everything. When a customer makes a purchase on an e-commerce website, it is relatively easy to measure aspects of the journey like how the customer came to the site, what keyword phrase they used to get there, what they purchased and how much they spent. The ability to measure everything gives e-commerce companies many distinct competitive advantages.

Advantages of E-commerce Marketing

  • Ability to test and measure different sales offers and pricing
  • Ability to pay online affiliate partners when they sell
  • Ability to compute the ROI of online marketing channels
  • Ability to sell anything to anyone all over the world 24/7
  • Ability to sell goods at a lower cost due to decreased overhead

If you’re an e-commerce business and not taking advantage of these advantages, TwentySix2 Marketing can help you.

Our E-commerce Online Marketing Services

  • E-commerce website design
  • Shopping comparison engine set-up and marketing
  • eBay store setup and marketing
  • Amazon.com integration
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Email marketing programs
  • E-commerce web analytics