At TwentySix2 Marketing, we work with companies of all sizes.  We have worked with the Fortune 100 and small startups.  At the end of the day, our team is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and CEOs build better companies by leveraging the power of the internet. Ultimately, we become our client’s trusted adviser on all things marketing.


Small Business

Start-Ups and New Businesses
As the owner of a startup or a small business with a new website, you should know that it will take time, typically several months, to generate a decent amount of website traffic and get your phones ringing. With the exception of paid search advertising, most organic marketing takes time to gain traction. It takes consistent effort and a lot of time to write good content, earn links from quality sites and to build a following on social media. There are no quick fixes and no silver bullets when it comes to getting a new business off the ground online. We at TwentySix2 Marketing think it’s only fair to set realistic expectations from the start. Any Atlanta search engine marketing agency that tells you differently is not being honest.

Successful Small Businesses
In contrast to startups, many clients come to us with a thriving businesses and a decent online presence. We love the challenge of working with companies that have been at it a while but have not recognized satisfactory results from their marketing efforts or agencies. We are good at evaluating all aspects of the digital footprint strategically and helping our clients optimize aspects of their online marketing programs that get results quickly and establish long-term success. The older a website, the more content present, the more links established and the greater a company’s social media presence, the faster results will be observed. If your company has been in business a while, TwentySix2 Marketing can help you leverage everything already accomplished so far and get your site quicker results.


Midsize Business

What constitutes a midsize business? Most people focus on revenue or number of employees, but we think it’s more about resources and opportunity. A successful midsized business has the resources to invest in sales and marketing, but they still need results.  .


Large Business

Since 2001 many of the biggest companies in the world have trusted us with the job of increasing their online visibility and maximizing their return on investment in online marketing. We have optimized hundreds of thousands of web pages and managed millions of dollars in paid search advertising. The beauty of the Internet is that we can measure everything, so our clients are able to hold us accountable for results. After all, talk is cheap.

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Let TwentySix2 Marketing show you how we make marketing work, phones ring and clients smile.