All businesses are looking for more web leads and sales. The question is, which Atlanta online marketing agency can provide substantial, meaningful results and positively impact your bottom-line? If you are looking for better results, let us show you why TwentySix2 Marketing says marketing should work, phones should ring and clients should smile.

If you are new to online marketing, there is a lot to learn. Fortunately, one of the things we love to do is teach clients everything they need to know. You don’t have to become an expert, but we do want to show you what is possible and what you can expect from each online channel. After all, knowledge is power.

Experienced Marketers
If you’re experienced in the world of online marketing, you will like working with us, and we will love working with you. We like being accountable for results and improving our client’s bottom-line. If you have worked with other agencies that over-promised and under-delivered, we think you will like the way TwentySix2 Marketing does business.

Businesses that Received Poor Results with Another Agency
We get a lot of business from companies that worked with other agencies and did not get the results they were promised. When this happens, we almost always hear how our clients are amazed by the level of service, expertise and results that we provide. The great thing about the web is our team can look at where your business is now and make a good estimation of its potential over time.

Start-Ups / Small Businesses
We work with a lot of small sites and startup companies, because we were a startup once ourselves and value the entrepreneurial spirit. It takes several months to get a new website off the ground when evaluating organic search rankings and generating traffic. In the mean time, our team can leverage online channels like paid search to build awareness and get things moving. We are straight shooters and will set realistic expectations upfront.

Fast Growing Small Businesses
Many clients come to us with thriving businesses. It’s our job to help them leverage this momentum online, and in most cases, we can generate great results pretty quickly. The key is implementing the right online marketing strategies. Key factors in the digital world are that the older your site, the more content it has, the more inbound links present and the greater the social media presence established, the faster results will come. If you have been in business a while, we can help leverage everything accomplished so far and get your site results quicker.

Large Companies
It’s important, so we’ll make the statement again. The more established a website, the more content present, the more links it has and the greater its social media presence, the better your chances are for success online. The key differences in success and mediocrity are knowing what to focus on and how to attract the right prospects to your website for conversion. TwentySix2 Marketing can help you leverage the proper channels to attract the target customers at the ideal time for the desired result.