A Traditional Agency
Don’t be fooled by large, traditional ad agencies that have a “digital group”. When they start telling you about the power of TV and radio, be sure to ask them how they feel about DVRs, TV on demand, Netflix, XM Radio and iTunes. We believe in the power of online marketing and the value of great content, great design, SEO, paid search and social media. These services are not provided by a “group” in our Atlanta online marketing agency. They are part of the TwentySix2 Marketing DNA.

A Big Agency
Sometimes size does matter, but in the world of online marketing, the only thing that matters is the expertise of the team that will actually be working on your account. Big agencies often bring their best team to the sales meeting and then put their least experienced people on your account after the sale is closed. TwentySix2 Marketing is a boutique-sized agency with a dozen people. We are strategic thinkers that are passionate about all things digital. Every member of our account management team has 5+ years experience in website marketing, and we know you will see a difference.

Obsessed with Shiny Things
In the world of SEO, PPC and social media, there always seems to be a new, shiny thing. There are new tools and new networks announced almost every day. While many professionals get caught-up in the newest trend, we think intelligent online marketers should focus on fundamentals. Testing new things is both fun and essential, but making money for our clients is the job.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a blowhard is “a very boastful person; a braggart.” We don’t make grand promises about the results your business will recognize by working with our online marketing agency. Instead, we will give you an honest assessment of your business based on your market, your target customers, your website and your competition. TwentySix2 Marketing can give you a good idea of what to expect, how long it will take and how much it will cost.