TwentySix2 Marketing is a fun, mid-sized Atlanta online marketing agency located between Buckhead and Midtown, Atlanta. We got a great deal on some cool office space, so the living conditions are ideal. Our clients are great, and the TwentySix2 team is really smart. We believe in work-life balance, cool technology, getting things done and having some fun, too.

The most important thing for any new employee is that they must fit in with our team, our culture and our way of life. When we meet, you will get a tour of the place and introduction to everyone. Around here, hiring team members is a group decision.

So how do we describe ourselves?

  • Passionate  We love the world of online marketing and lead generation.
  • Results Oriented  We focus on client results and don’t BS people.
  • Fun  We work really hard but believe in work-life balance, too.
  • Smart  If you can’t think or write well, this is not the place for you.
  • Strategic Thinkers  To lead accounts, you have to be more than booksmart.
  • Accountable  Talk is cheap. Our clients want results.
  • Reliable  We keep our commitments and do our best to over deliver.
  • Flexible  We change when needed and add value wherever possible.
  • Positive  A good attitude is an important part of life, not just business.
  • Creative  We continuously improve upon the existing and come up with new ideas.
  • Learners  If you don’t follow 5+ SEM blogs, we aren’t a good fit.
  • Team Players  We all work together and help each other get better.
  • Contributors  We speak our minds. We are not wallflowers.
  • Self-Starters  We pick up the ball and run with it, even when no one’s watching.

Right now, TwentySix2 Marketing has a wonderful team, but we are always interested in talking to highly-experienced online marketing, search engine marketing and/or social media gurus. If you have 5+ years experience in SEO, PPC and/or SMM, we would love to hear from you. If you currently have a job, we will keep everything confidential – promise.

Please send your resume to Careers @