Digital Marketing Services

TwentySix2 Marketing was named after a marathon (26.2 miles), because experience has taught us that building a successful business is a lot like running a long distance race. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts to the finish line. The road to success is a marathon – not a sprint, and it takes time and effort to surpass with the best players and win the race.

The Marketing Triathlon

Digital marketing includes a complex array of strategies and tactics, but we like to simplify it by separating this mess into three buckets, which we call The Marketing Triathlon. There are essentially three races in digital marketing: inbound marketing, outbound marketing and prospect conversion. Each race requires different skills and expertise, as well as different investments of time, money, energy and creativity.  Some businesses can juggle all of these online channels at the same time, but most companies choose to focus on a limited few and expand their efforts over time.

The Race Roadmap
To ensure success, we start every race with an in-depth digital marketing assessment. We benchmark where you are today and make an effort to define the size of the opportunity and the likely timeline for a positive return on investment. Then we create a digital marketing roadmap that defines where we are now, where we are going and how we will get there. Our strategic plans help clients choose the right online channels, focus their resources and get a positive return on investment from digital marketing.

Branding and Messaging
In some cases, our assessment findings lead us to putting marketing on hold until we can update your branding, which may include your website and/or your sales messaging. Before you spend any money and time on lead generation, you have to get the sales pitch right. At a minimum, you must have a professional website with a clear value proposition and call to action. When you get the message right, you tell better stories, craft better sales offers, design better landing pages, create better experiences and get better results.

Digital Marketing Marathon


After the roadmap is drawn and the story is crafted, the triathlon begins:

Race 1: Inbound Marketing

Race 2: Outbound Marketing

Race 3: Prospect Conversion

Just think of TwentySix2 Marketing as a coach on the road to victory in this triathlon. You may run the race alone in some places and we may dive in to help in others. Our journey together is a collaborative effort with the goal of creating online dominance in your market.



Project Retainers

Digital Marketing Strategy Assessment

Some companies have very limited resources and they want to dip their toe in the water before committing to a larger engagement. This is where our Digital Marketing Strategy Assessment comes in. We benchmark where you are today and make an effort to define the size of the opportunity and the likely timeline for a positive return on investment. This allows our clients to get a better idea of what they should expect from digital marketing in terms of advertising costs, agency fees, project timelines and the return on investment. This ‘try before you buy’ approach helps us provide a more realistic view of your chances for success online based on the realities of your target customers, your business, your budget, the market and the competition.

The Responsive Digital Marketing Retainer

This service is designed for companies that want help with The Marketing Triathlon: inbound marketing, outbound marketing and prospect conversion. Our focus and priorities shift from month to month based on client goals and campaign performance, but we make an effort to make progress in each area.

Most online marketing agencies try to lock their clients into long term contracts, but we think there is a better way. We think agencies should be accountable for results, so we don’t do business that way. You can cancel our agreement with just 30 days notice. And we took things one step further by creating what we call The Responsive Digital Marketing Retainer. In the first few months of every client engagement, we do a ton of hard work and usually over-deliver by a mile. However, at some point in every engagement the tables turn and there comes a point of diminishing returns. As a trusted advisor in the world of digital marketing, our goal is to continuously add value and pay for ourselves by generating more sales, more profitably. When that starts to change, we reduce our fee.  Sometimes our clients ask for the reduction and sometimes we offer it. In the end, we are successful when our clients grow sales, so we do our best to ensure this happens. It’s not conventional, but it is a better way to do business since we are in this for the long haul.

Specialized Digital Marketing Retainer

Sometimes clients hire us for our specialized expertise in the areas of SEO or paid search and that’s all they need. We are happy to jump in for short term and long term projects, wherever and whenever you think we can add the most value. Many or our larger clients engage us this way, so feel free to do the same.

Employee Training Retainer

Lets face it. Some companies want to keep their digital marketing programs in-house. They have enough work to keep a full-time employee occupied, but finding the right person with all the expertise needed can be a challenge. To solve this problem, we have created a blended approach to marketing. We start with a 6 month project and provide the same digital marketing services we always do, but we train one of your employees while we are doing the work. After six months, we transition ownership of the work to your employee and we continue to provide training each month to keep things moving. This service provides our clients with the best of both worlds – an expert to guide the ship and a full time employee to do the work.

Website Design

Most of our website design projects are one time projects that take between 45 – 180 days, depending on the size of the site.[/fusion_text]