TwentySix2’s marketing analytics practice can help you evaluate the effectiveness of all your online marketing efforts.  We can help you understand which online marketing channels, sales offers, landing pages, content topics and website calls to action generate the greatest return on investment. Our web analytics experts can translate raw data into insights and help make your Google Analytics,  Adobe Analytics and other analytics tools more trusted, complete, and actionable.

Digital Marketing Client Reports

Marketing Analytics Services

We deliver data insights, findings and recommendations tailored to client business goals and objectives. We also use analytics to improve the performance of website conversion, online ad campaigns and marketing channels like PPC, SEO, CRM, email and social media.  Some of the data measurements we provide are listed below.

Google Analytics ConsultingWebsite Visitor Analytics

  • Website Traffic (sources, keywords, referrals)
  • Visitor Loyalty (new vs. returning visitors)
  • Year-Over-Year Trend Comparisons

Website Engagement Analytics

  • Website Content Interaction (views, downloads, shares)
  • Website Engagement (time on site, pages viewed, bounce rate)

Paid Search Analytics

  • Cost Per Click / Cost Per Sale
  • Ad, Keyword and Ad Group Conversion
  • Phone Call Attribution
  • Campaign ROI
  • Return on Ad Spend
  • A/B Testing

Social Media Analytics

  • Social Media Follows (likes, follows)
  • Social Media Engagement (shares, re-tweets)
  • Online Reputation (positive, negative)

Lead Generation Analytics

  • Website Conversions (completed forms, phone calls)
  • Web Lead Source Tracking
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Traditional Media Tracking (via landing pages)

Business Analytics

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Lead Attribution
  • Qualified Sales Opportunities
  • Closed Sales
  • Average Transaction Size
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Advertising Return on Investment

Our Marketing Analytics Qualifications

  • All of our digital marketing account managers are Google Analytics Certified
  • All of our digital marketing account managers are Google Tag Manager Experts
  • Google Analytics Authorized Premium Reseller

Benefits of Marketing Analytics

  • Improve and optimize online marketing efforts over time
  • Identify what worked and what failed
  • Gather data to support conclusions
  • Bring accountability to sales and marketing
  • Compute the return on investment for all advertising