The Upside of Paid Search

Paid search ads, often labeled ‘sponsored search’, are one of the most effective advertising channels online. The main reason for the success of paid search advertising is that marketers can control overall ad spend, as well as the amount they pay for each website visitor. Paid search marketing is one of the fastest ways to get a significant amount of traffic to a website, especially if the website is brand new. When managed correctly, paid search advertising is one of the most cost-effective online marketing channels. Some of the keys to success include account structure, ad budget, sales offers, ad copy, keyword grouping, negative keywords and landing pages.

The Downside of Paid Search

The more complicated paid search advertising becomes, the harder it is to manage. Many companies have tried Google AdWords only to be disappointed in the results. The truth is that some of the default settings in Google make it too easy to burn through a limited advertising budget. Only a seasoned PPC account manager with experience in managing several different accounts can pull the right levers to put the odds in your favor.

If you have an existing paid search accounts, we offer a free paid search account audit.

Paid Search (PPC) Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
Both Google AdWords and Bing Ads provide a great way to reach potential new customers quickly and profitably.  At TwentySix2 Marketing, before we spend a dime on marketing, we spend time getting the strategy right.  We work hard on account structure, sales offers, ad copy, keyword grouping, negative keywords and landing pages. And once the campaign is up and running, we keep up with what’s happening – we analyze, hypothesize and optimize.

PPC Paid Search Strategy


Remarketing / Retargeting
While there is never a second chance to make a first impression, Google AdWords Remarketing does give marketers the opportunity to make a critical second impression. Remarketing in Google AdWords creates a “list” or “audience” of website visitors who visited specific pages in the site. These pages are tagged with a special code that allows Google to place a cookie in the browser of anyone who visits these pages. As the individuals browse the web and visit other sites, they are presented with your ads. The text, image, rich media and/or video ads appear across Google properties such as YouTube and Gmail, as well as on over a million sites that are part of the Google Display Network. According to different industry studies, PPC remarketing can boost website conversion rates between 400% and 600%. Let us show you how TwentySix2 Marketing can make PPC advertising work for your business.

Display Advertising
Display ads have traditionally experienced very low click through rates, but with advances in marketing technology, this is changing for the better. Display ads offer many options, so it’s important to take the time to test different sites, ads, colors, and content to obtain the best results. Keys to success include creating great ads that standout with a clear call to action and choosing the right sites to display the ads. When these two elements come together, display ads can be effective for most businesses.

Social Media Advertising
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks offer online advertising platforms that enable marketers to target audiences based on demographics, interests, location, gender, languages, devices and more.  Each platform offers unique opportunities to connect with customers in new ways.  TwentySix2 can help you test the effectiveness of each social media platform.

Video Advertising
We can create ads on YouTube and other video channels to connect with your customers in a unique way.

Check out our blog post on paid search advertising to learn more.

Campaign Optimization

Landing Page Testing
After users click on a paid search ad, it’s important that the landing page on your website is relevant to their specific need. This is where landing page design, optimization and testing can make a significant difference in the performance of your online ad campaigns.

Call Tracking
While many websites are geared toward persuading visitors to fill out a form or make a purchase online, some people still like to pick up the phone.  We can help you track the calls and measure how they impact campaign performance.

Our Paid Search Qualifications

  • We manage both large and small campaigns
  • We currently handle millions of ad dollars and thousands of keywords
  • All of our paid search account managers are Google Certified
  • We utilize state-of-the-art paid search management tools to optimize campaigns

 Benefits of Paid Search

  • Paid search ads are prominently placed at the top of search engines
  • Advertisers can bid on keyword phrases that pertain to their business
  • Advertisers only pay for traffic when visitors click through to a website
  • Paid search delivers target traffic instantly, unlike SEO, which takes considerable time
  • The return on investment from paid search ads can be measured using web analytics
  • Ad campaigns and ad budgets can be adjusted quickly and easily based on results