Digital marketing is a broad term that covers many channels and an abundance of solutions, technologies and suppliers. It is a massive challenge to prioritize how to use all these online marketing channels and grow your business. Your business marketing strategy is the key to choosing the right online channels, deciding where to focus your limited resources and getting a positive return on investment.

Online Digital Marketing StrategyDigital Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective strategy requires an analysis of where your business is today and what the biggest issues are that are limiting your business growth. For most companies, strategy starts with the customer and the customer experience you provide. Digital marketing plays a key role in that customer journey because you have to make it easy for sales prospects to learn about your company and buy from your company. Then you have to select the most effective strategies to attract, persuade, convert and retain more customers, more profitably. The right marketing strategy helps prioritize your resources in the right places with a solid action plan for execution.

Basically, strategy is about resource allocation to maximize results, but it’s important to understand that strategy is just the first step in a complex process of strategy, execution, optimization and accountability.