Many online marketing agencies talk about the promise of online marketing, but only a few of us can actually deliver on this promise.

TwentySix2 helps growing companies with limited resources who want to build a more effective, profitable, predictable sales and marketing machine. We are digital marketing experts in SEO, paid search, display ads, content marketing, social media, email marketing and web design.  We are big thinkers, thought leaders, straight shooters, budget defenders and agile project managers with a track record of success that extends over 14 years.

Online Marketing Expertise


Strategic Plan Development

If you clearly define where you are now, where you want to go and how you will get there from here, then you have a strategic plan. TwentySix2 Marketing can help you create an effective strategic marketing plan to analyze where you are today, determine what’s possible in the future and select the most efficient marketing channels to win the race online.

Search Engine Optimization

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically over the last couple of years and the rules will continue to change. Once upon a time things like keywords, page titles and link popularity made a big difference in how your site would rank in the top search engines. Today, SEO has become a complex, mixed bag of quality metrics including website content, social signals, website usability and design. SEO has transformed from something you could manipulate into something you are – which is a high quality site filled with great content that your customers want.

Paid Search Advertising

TwentySix2 Marketing is a leader in paid search advertising. We manage both large and small campaigns, with several million dollars and thousands of keywords under management. All of our paid search account managers are Google Certified, and because of the large budgets we manage, we have dedicated service teams from each search engine assigned to our accounts. We utilize state of the art technology and tools to help you measure and evaluate your return on investment.  We have the experience and knowledge to get the best results from pay per click advertising.

Display Advertising

While Google’s Display Ad Network is the largest player, there are many effective display advertising channels, including niche display ad networks and social media ad networks. TwentySix2 Marketing can help you make sense of the possibilities and get the results you need.

Content Marketing

TwentySix2 Marketing has helped many companies write, publish and promote engaging content. Through the years we have built a large network of industry experts that can write with authority on almost any topic, but content creation is still a collaborative effort between agency and client.  It takes a lot of hard work to clearly articulate your value proposition, but once you do, everything improves from website rankings to lead generation. Great content is still king.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a vast area that encompasses many different things, including content promotion, online networking, customer support and reputation management. We help companies create effective social media marketing plans and leverage the right channels for the best results.

Website Design

Since 2001 TwentySix2 Marketing has created over a hundred websites for B2B, B2C and E-commerce companies. We are experts in WordPress and Magento e-commerce site development.  Check out our web design portfolio.

Website Conversion Optimization

Nothing is more important than converting your website visitors into buyers. To win the race online, you must have clear calls to action that inspire people to click, view, download, register, subscribe, submit or buy. TwentySix2 Marketing helps companies make small changes to their existing website to increase conversions and to drive more leads and sales.

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