Recently, I was working on a client’s PPC campaign. We had a very low CTR for one of our campaigns. We checked our ad copy, bidding strategy and several other factors. After doing some more research, we decided we needed to change the landing page that we were sending people to.

Landing pages are critical in PPC campaigns. You want to send people to relevant, useful landing pages that match the link or offer that was advertised. Bad landing pages are sure to lead to high bounce rates.

Here are several important factors to keep in mind when creating landing pages

  • Do A/B testing
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Clear, concise headlines and copy
  • Make sure your landing page and copy match your company’s overall marketing campaign (tone, graphics, look and feel)
  • Good design (not too busy or distracting)
  • Keep the most important messages above the fold
  • If your goal is to get visitors to fill out a form do not make the form so difficult to fill out that your visitor bounces.
  • Track your goals/conversions

The great thing about internet marketing is that it is extremely flexible. If a certain landing page isn’t producing expected results, you can change it up.

When testing out different landing pages, play with copy and graphics. Once you’ve implemented several different options and tracked conversions, it will be easy to see which ones produce the best results so you can reallocate budget and do further testing.

Bing has started experimenting with ads called Hero Ads on Windows 8.1. Hero Ads are large, very visual ads that are meant to look like landing pages. This is a great example of how you can be creative when designing landing pages as well as ads.  Check out Search Engine Watch’s article on Bing Hero Ads.

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