If you have just built a new website using a new domain name, I have some bad news… You are not going to rank well in Google for competitive keyword phrases for at least a year…maybe two. Google penalizes new websites just for being the new kid on the block.

That said, we did some extensive search engine optimization (SEO) work for Kudzu.com back in 2005. Kudzu was a new site then, and despite this ‘new site penalty’ imposed by Google, we were able to get some pretty good traction in Google’s natural search results pretty quickly.

The difference between Kudzu.com and most other sites is that Kudzu is owned by Cox Enterprises. Cox owns a number of large websites, including AutoTrader.com (also a client) and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper site.

Kuzdu.com had an advantage because they had the ability to get these other large sites owned by Cox Enterprises to link to their website. By getting large, credible sites like AutoTrader.com to link to their site, Kudzu.com was able to get decent natural search rankings in Google within a few months – rather than a couple of years. And over time, they were able to dominate the natural search results for many of their top keyword phrases.

If you want to start a new website, count on using pay per click marketing as your primary source of traffic for the first year or so. In the mean time, start building links and content. Or hire an SEO firm to do it for you!