In digital marketing a lot of success related to a website is based on how well it performs and how well a SERP can crawl each page. Interestingly enough, it is not just about SEO title tags, meta descriptions, keyword density, link building and image alt tags anymore. Obviously content quality, markups and site speed are just a few of the huge components of SEO.

At TwentySix2, we prefer to run an extensive site audit monthly for all of our clients. Being that Google Web Master Tools and Bing Web Master Tools bring a lot to the party, they only tell some of the story in completing a thorough site audit. There are other components that should always be addressed as well. Try these SEO tips to improve the overall health and crawl-ability of a website.

  • Visibility – Do you have an array of blocked urls or missing pages? Always fix internal links that point to 404 pages, review redirects and keep the internal links updated so that a 404 error doesn’t occur. At least have a custom 404 error page. Always check the Robots.txt files and fix any issues found.
  • Meta Descriptions – Let’s face it folks. Duplicate content is not a good quality of any website. Make sure that Meta Descriptions are not missing and are unique. Also make sure they are the proper length.
  • Content – As with Meta Descriptions, make sure you don’t have duplicate content on the site. It is a game of quality, not always quantity. Be sure to check word count. It is always wise to have images however, make sure your content text tells the story.
  • Links – Check out the links. Are any of them broken? Are any of the inbound links crummy? Disavow as you need to however, be careful using this Google feature. Check out this great article from Google on how to use this tool. 
  • Images – Check out all of the images on the site. Are they missing alt text? The SERP isn’t looking at your site, it is reading the HTML thatis rendered from it.
  • Semantic – It is best practice to use headings for content. Always include structured data when applicable.

Crawl Error GWMTThis is an Sitemap example of Google Webmaster Tools

Out of all of this information, don’t be surprise if you begin shuffling through a 150 page site audit. It really doesn’t matter which industry you are in or if you are a B2C or B2B corporation. Your website is the most valuable lead generator you have on the web. It converts traffic from paid search and display advertising, it tells the story of what you are and even in ecommerce applications, is the direct point of sale. Do not put the health, conversion capabilities or user friendliness of your website on the back burner.

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