There are millions of to do list managers out there.  The good news is, they all live in the cloud so they work everywhere – on your desktop, laptop, browser and on your cell phone.  The bad news is, you still have to do the work.

A to do list manager is nothing more than a tool.  You still have to use it, check it, load  it and update it.  You still have to refer to it with discipline – every morning, every night, after every client meeting, after every client call, after every staff meeting…  No matter how great a tool is, you still have to use it with regimented discipline in order for it to be useful.

I have tried all the to do list management tools out there, and the tool I love the most (right now) is  Check out the videos.  The advanced $29/year version gives you everything you need to keep your to do list organized in the cloud.  I also chose this tool because it integrates with Google Apps, which we use in our company to manage email, documents, calendars and more.  At $50/year per user, its a amazing tool as well.

To learn more about how to manage to do lists, the leading authority on the subject is David Allen who wrote Getting Things Done.  While is not based on his methodology, if you are new to to do list management, I would recommend reading his book.

The key to managing your to dos is to create your own system / process and then stick to it.  For most of us, it sounds so simple but it’s hard to do.