602, 2013

The Basics of Twitter

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Twitter is a great tool for socializing, collecting great content, finding great deals and for connecting with people that have similar interests to yours.  It’s easy to use because Tweets are limited to just 140 characters and there are a large number of tools that make it easy to connect and share.  At TwentySix2, we […]

1309, 2011

Free Twitter Analytics Tool Announced Today

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Today, Twitter made many marketers happy when it announced its free Web Analytics tool. The tool, Twitter Web Analytics, is free to use and will help Web site owners understand, in general, if their activity on Twitter is driving traffic to their site. Specifically, the Twitter Web Analytics tool will help internet marketers and Web […]

2608, 2010

Google Reinforces the Importance of Social Media with Realtime Search

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As you would assume from the name, Google Realtime Search provides search results in real-time with a dynamic stream of content from across the Web, live and automatically updating instantaneously.

What Realtime Search does is,

gather news stories,
blog posts,
updates from social networks
and it presents them in a constantly refreshing stream

How it Helps You:

Cut through the noise
Beat journalist […]

1208, 2010

Twitter Provides a Two for One w/ Tweet Button

By |SEO, Social Media|

1) Share Content

2) Promote

Say farewell to Tweetmeme and hello to Tweet Button. They could have come up with a more inventive name, but hey the tool’s pretty cool.

Not only can you now share content quickly via Twitter, such as a scandalous article about how MTV is giving Kanye West a second chance, you can promote […]