1708, 2010

PPC is Quicker than SEO. True or False?

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False. PPC is not necessarily quicker then SEO, anymore. Yes, PPC used to be a quicker way to get results on search engines, and in many cases still is, however Google’s focus on providing the latest, freshest results (Google Caffeinated) and including results from blog posts and social media platforms, often within minutes, has made […]

1208, 2010

Twitter Provides a Two for One w/ Tweet Button

By |SEO, Social Media|

1) Share Content

2) Promote

Say farewell to Tweetmeme and hello to Tweet Button. They could have come up with a more inventive name, but hey the tool’s pretty cool.

Not only can you now share content quickly via Twitter, such as a scandalous article about how MTV is giving Kanye West a second chance, you can promote […]