Reducing Cost. Increasing Conversions.

The Situation

An event management and registration software company located in Atlanta, Georgia. A privately held corporation who provide a software solution for event coordinators of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 clients globally. While they rely on Business Development Representatives to convert leads to customers, they rely heavily on their website to provide leads through paid search channels and affiliations.

When we came on to the account, we saw immediately that the client was spending $1,084 to get just one conversion through Google AdWords. This unsustainable situation could not continue.

While auditing the account we saw why previous efforts had been unsuccessful– they focused only on increasing click and impression metrics. The end result was a campaign that was great at spending more than $14,000 per month and generating clicks, but wasn’t good at delivering qualified leads to the website.

The Strategy

  • Take control of ad spend on clients Google AdWords account
  • Increase efficiency of active campaigns
  • Optimize PPC spend to decrease the cost per conversion

After auditing the account, we decided that landing pages need to be completely redesigned so that they clearly and concisely displayed their competitive advantages. Once the pages were redesigned and our conversion tracking was in place, we focused on reducing the cost per conversion. Without reducing monthly spend, we altered keyword purchases to zero in on qualified traffic. We purchased a long list of long tail keywords, ensuring that the potential audience for ads would be interested in what they were offering. Ad copy was modified to reflect messaging towards “enterprise” level prospects– dream customers.

The Results

  • Reduced ad spend by 65%
  • Decreased cost-per-conversion (Free Demo) by 70%