November 7, 2013

Technology never ceases to amaze me… It all starts when an idea created to solve a problem is born out of a basement or garage somewhere in middle America… or for that matter, in Silicon Valley. The true success stories are inspiring when these ideas eventually become publicly traded companies. Being that technology is usually created to solve problems or make life easier, are there new problems to be solved? I say sure! There are also processes and ideas that solve problems that can be improved upon. In an age of big data and immense amounts of information, Twitter, a social solution for quickly sharing small bits of information to spark interaction, has had a fantastic seven year run.

Twitter Goes Public | Atlanta Search Engine Marketing Agency

It is equally powerful that Twitter stock began trading publicly yesterday and was trading midday at nearly $50.00 per share which is close to 75% higher than their initial public offering price or (IPO). It reminds me of the quote from Lucius Annaeus Seneca, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”  I do not believe that it was only luck that Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone encountered when they created Twitter in 2006. I believe it was a lot of intellect and vast ingenuity.

As an Atlanta search engine marketing professional, I spend most of my time analyzing data, testing ad copy and landing pages, establishing tight campaign conversion optimization, reviewing competitive analysis, reading on industry news, researching search engine algorithm updates, analyzing how to keep my clients visible on the internet and continuing my educated in an ever-changing technology driven world so that I can continue to educate my clients. I must admit, it is inspiring to witness the success stories like that of Evan, Jack and Biz of Twitter.

As a child of the 80’s, it seems like yesterday we were watching Double Mint Gum and Bill Cosby era Jello commercials in between music videos on MTV. The current generation of teenagers are Tweeting and hash-tagging their way through reality shows. One can’t just sit and watch TV without a smart device connecting them through a social portal to the world. My how times have changed. When a branded name can be used as a verb, the game is won. Well played Twitter… Well played.

May you all #hashtag yourselves into the continually evolving age of social interaction.  I have enclosed some articles well worth reading that I found to be incredibly interesting.

Patrick Blanchard