Nowadays, your goal in a marketing campaign must be to engage consumers. How do companies that have successful social media campaigns do this? A stud on a motorcycle, perhaps.

Old Spice Man Social Media Campaign

Successful social media campaigns are fun. They get the viewers to immediately want their best friend to see what they just saw and laugh as hard as they just laughed. When developing a campaign and once you have an idea you think is good, you MUST first ask yourself the following questions before proceeding with campaign development. If the answer is yes to the below questions, you may proceed.

  1. Would I bring this campaign up at a dry dinner to get the table laughing?
  2. Would I mention this campaign at a networking happy hour as a conversation starter to sound intelligent and funny?
  3. Would I look cool passing this story along to my buddies?

The key point is this a remembered, talked about and tweeted social media campaign will be one that combines creativity, a clear message and one that makes a splash.

Looking for examples of successful campaigns? According to Forbes, the best-ever social media campaign is the Old Spice Guy.