Google’s ad extensions display extra business information in your ads such as address, phone number, webpage links or even a coupon. The newest add extension from Google is out – reviews. The review ad extension allows advertisers to include third party reviews, rankings and awards to their paid ads.

Reviews must follow Google’s policies, be under 67 characters and will be reviewed by human-based systems to ensure validity and policy compliance.

To add a new review, click the Ad Extensions tab and choose Review Extensions. You must submit a “new review” in your account, specify whether it is a paraphrase or direct quote, and provide source and source URL. It will take a couple days for the review to be approved by Google. And, as always, make sure you use a legitimate review from a reputable source.

This ad extension option can help differentiate your business in campaigns that are competing against a lot of other business bidding for the same keyword. It is also a good idea to use the review ad extensions in conjunction with multiple other ad extensions.

Google has placed extra importance on the use of ad extensions in their latest adwords ad rank algorithm. Using ad extensions can influence ad placement and cost-per-click.

To read more about Google ad extensions, visit Google’s Ad Extensions Support Page.