1) Share Content

2) Promote

Say farewell to Tweetmeme and hello to Tweet Button. They could have come up with a more inventive name, but hey the tool’s pretty cool.

Not only can you now share content quickly via Twitter, such as a scandalous article about how MTV is giving Kanye West a second chance, you can promote strategic Twitter accounts at the same time while driving traffic to your website. Hello PR and SEO!

To put it into simple terms, you can simply choose your Button size from a choice of three, add the code to your site, and boom your enabling others to promote your company/Twitter account (PR) and potentially driving traffic to your site (SEO).

Twitter Tweet Button

Choose from Three Twitter Tweet Buttons

Plus, with Twitter’s new Tweet Button you can build a custom tweet button for your Web site.

For additional information on Twitter’s new Tweet Button, refer to Goodbye TweetMeme: Twitter Launches Its Own Retweet Button.