I started working at my current job in August of 2013. I am still learning tons everyday about SEO and I am still definitely a PPC newbie. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of great experience managing PPC campaigns – especially in Google Adwords. I’ve been helping manage several PPC campaigns and it truly is a great feeling seeing results — high CTRs, lots of conversions, decreasing bounce rate… you know the story.

Google is arguably the most important platform for paid search, because as we all know, we use Google to search for basically everything. Google ads are targeted to people who are actively looking and searching for a product or service. Google ads can be targeted pretty specifically – by keyword, on specific websites relevant to your product or service, by geography and language, by demographic, etc.  It’s pretty simple and intuitive to set up targeting for a Google campaign and it works well when done correctly.

Lately, several coworkers and I have been working on creating LinkedIn ad campaigns for a client, and LinkedIn ads are awesome.

There are 259 million users worldwide on LinkedIn. 40 million of those users are US based — there are 7.9 million business decision makers, 5.5 million high tech managers, 1.3 small business owners and 4.2 million corporate executives. You can drill down into any of these categories for hyper targeting.

I specifically love the targeting options you have on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn ad targeting is at the campaign level. You can target by:

  • industry
  • company size
  • company name
  • job title
  • job function
  • geography
  • seniority
  • age
  • gender
  • LinkedIn Group
  • school
  • skill

With these targets, you can choose 10 options per campaign for:

  1. geography
  2. industry
  3. job function

With these targets, you can choose 100 options per campaign:

  1. company
  2. job title
  3. school
  4. skill
  5. LinkedIn group

One thing I really like about LinkedIn’s targeting is that you can see how many people you’ll reach with every category that you choose. I created this screenshot video to show you what I mean. Pay attention to the number on the right side of the screen. 

This intuitive feature makes it super easy to visualize exactly how many people on LinkedIn that you’ll be reaching with your ads.

So… Why LinkedIn for PPC?

Google Adwords is great for getting noticed when people are actively searching for products and services like yours from the locations you cater to, but LinkedIn ads reach out exclusively to the decision makers you want to send your message to. 

If you’re stuck with a stagnant Google or Bing PPC campaign, it may be time to expand your PPC efforts and try out LinkedIn ads. With LinkedIn, there are no contracts, you can set your own budgets and you can cancel at anytime you want — why not try it out?

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