One of the best perks of working at TwentySix2 so far, for me, was getting to attend SMX East 2013 in New York City. SMX East was a meeting of the minds of search marketing, headed by Danny Sullivan and Search Engine Land.

Sure, I got the flu the moment I got on the plane and was relegated to laying in my hotel bed when I wasn’t attending the conference- But it was NEW YORK. Pretty amazing. And the conference was very interesting.

My cohorts and I attended a number of events, meetings and speaking sessions and we all left with one major sticking point- Rich Snippets are important. Very important. If you aren’t adding rich snippets markup to highlight parts of your site, you are ignoring one of the most important parts of SEO in today’s world of Search Optimization.

If your company has not implemented rich snippets, do so. Now. Markup data essentially highlights important parts of your site to Search Engines, allowing you to specify your number, name, location, reviews, etc, as opposed to Google trying to guess that information based on what it sees on your site.

Google’s dedication to and rich snippets was seemingly furthered with the announcement that they now support improved schema markup for location pages, including showing business phone numbers for customer service, technical support, billing support and bill payment. You can even specify if the numbers are toll-free, hearing-impaired friendly, and whether or not the number is country specific.

On your business website’s contact us page, you can also include additional markup to highlight you hours of operation.

Now, these changes may not be groundbreaking, but they are very important to keep up with. Google loves for you to play with it’s toys, and this toy is beneficial and easy to implement if you are familiar with and Rich Snippets. The more momentum you can get on your site’s side, the better.

google schema update

Google Now Supports Markup of Business Hours

For more information, read this write-up from Search Engine Land¬†or check out Google’s official announcement.


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