Here at TwentySix2, we’ve noticed that Webmaster Tools is continually undervalued by clients. Sure, Google Analytics deserves to get its share of the attention, but it doesn’t provide actionable data as easily or explicitly as Webmaster Tools.

This article we read by Search Engine Watch is a breath of fresh air as it really highlights the most important and useful information in Webmaster Tools as well as where to find it.

Also worth noting is that Bing WMT is often ignored in favor of solely using Google WMT. Granted, Google has a much larger market share, but when a major search engine offers to give you free data regarding site improvements, why not take advantage of it? The two tools have a fair amount of overlap, but each also has sections dealing with different metrics.

Be sure to install both on your site, and check both to see where your site can be improved. Neither one is perfect, but using both together really puts your site issues in context and allows incredible insight into what can be done to fix any indexing or technical issues that may be holding you back.

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