Google provides a variety of advanced search tools. One of the best tools is called “Google Operators” . Google Operators are powerful search functions that can help you learn a lot about your site and your competitors.

The Google Tools we use most are:

1) Site: This shows how many pages are indexed in your site. If you type:


This operator will show you how many pages Google has indexed and it will show you the page title and page description that Google has indexed. If you have 50 web pages and Google only shows 20 pages, then you have some work to do.

2) Link: This operator shows how many links Google sees from other sites to yours. If you type:


Google, and even Yahoo and MSN, will show the sites that link to your site. In fact, this operator works better in Yahoo because it shows more links. Be sure to remove your links from the test in Yahoo:


3) All In Title: This operator shows how page titles contain the keyword phrase you enter. If you type:

allintitle:Atlanta widget maker

This operator will show you how many pages have this keyword pharse in the title. The more sites that have the page title, the more competitive the keyword phrase is.

Google offers lots of great tools, but these are the ones we like most.