The US economy and corporate structure has evolved to a point where specialization is the norm. Specific jobs and tasks can call for specific contractors, and while this specialization allows your company to operate with a higher chance of expertise in a given field, it can often lead to miscommunication and loss of synchronicity in your web efforts.

Take, for example, SEO and Social Media. These have often been viewed as two separate entities, with SEO seen as more of a technical approach and Social seen as more of an exercise in branding. Now, while these perceptions are not entirely untrue, recent Google algorithm changes make dividing your social and SEO efforts more and more dicey.

As social signals become more and more influential and Google focuses more on personalized results, the use of social media as an SEO strategy becomes much more important. Social can be used to “pimp out” your content, of course, but utilizing it correctly can also begin to shift the content you are producing (as you see what people are chatting about). Your social channels can also provide helpful traffic and brand engagement data- and we all know how much data is coveted.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, of course, and to learn more about specifics, please look into this article from Search Engine Land. It’s a great read!