Being that digital marketing is essentially inbound marketing in the truest form, analyzing trends and creating a digital marketing strategy for a client based on collected data from user engagement is the crux of the biscuit. Google also offers some pretty great information to use for this purpose through Think Insights.

Online Marketing Strategy

This past year we saw a lot of interesting changes in SEO as well as several changes in PPC especially with Google AdWords. All of us at TwentySix2 Marketing have written and blogged about these changes at length. Still, new opportunities to gather valuable information arise everyday.

Millions of people search for products and/or services in Google daily. While the users search, we are able to collect data related to trends in any industry. If a car dealership in Pittsburgh is working on offers for their pre-owned inventory for a paid search campaign, it is easy to analyze the history, success and failures from previous PPC campaigns without data from Analytics and Webmaster Tools as well as user insights. It is equally important to find search query history in Google Webmaster Tools to know how inbound traffic is reacting with your business on the web. Geographic, seasonal and psychographic trends, changes and opportunities can be discovered this way which will promote a more successful campaign. If there is not history in AdWords, Analytics or Webmaster Tools to provide this data, testing with a small budget to establish this data as a benchmark is the best practice.

So what are folks looking for on the web? As we watched the Google Keyword Tool depart and the Keyword Planner arrive, search volumes and keyword match types changed drastically. Every keyword that I have researched for a client in our post keyword tool world has fallen in search volume. The only real way to know how many impressions, clicks and in turn click through rates a keyword will gather, is to run a campaign. Set a test budget and roll with it. Test offers, ad copy and bid amount. Set up campaigns and ad groups reasonably so that the data you collect will be helpful as the budget, reach and keyword universe are extended. The easiest way to do this is to give TwentySix2 Marketing a call. We will be happy to help with the process!

Please take a moment and read these two great articles from Google about Search Insights.

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