Our dependence on certain things we expect to remain static is a little scary. Just as we tend to rely on a cellphone to constantly connect us to friends, family and colleagues, we also expect the cellphone will work. And just as we create brilliant marketing campaigns to target Google traffic, Google may not always be around.

I read an interesting article this morning called Search Without Google, WTF? by Paul J. Breummer. I have to admit that the title initially caught my attention. It was about configuring internet marketing campaigns around three other players, Yahoo!, Ask.com and MSN; the other major search engines.

Paul has done his research and includes great facts and advice for building a campaign without Google. He even includes links to Yahoo!, Ask and MSN’s search marketing services and explains how each is organized.

I highly recommend reading this article, it’s a little lengthy, but it gives you something to think about for the future because if Google goes under, you don’t want your campaign to go with it.