If you have been reading the blog posts here at TwentySix2, you have likely been hit over the head many times with a simple idea, three words long.
Mobile. Is. Important.

Have you been out in public lately? Just about everyone is staring at a phone screen, no matter where you look. Public is starting to feel more like private, just with a lot more space around you. BOOM! ROASTED! Take that, “being in public”.

Incredible put-downs aside, mobile phones really are taking over. People use them for a large portion of their searches, mostly because they are ubiquitous and always on hand.

Google, being Google, is tapped in to this new mobile world and wants to do whatever it can to make sure your mobile experience is as easy as possible. How does it do this? Well, now, Google will let smartphone searchers now if it thinks a website has a “faulty redirect” that will send a user to the homepage if the link itself is supposed to point to a deeper page in the site.

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Picture taken from Search Engine Land

Google doesn’t want its users to end up on irrelevant pages (or, simply, the page they did not click on), and we can’t fault them for that; especially considering the crusade they have been on to provide “the best possible search results” to their users.

How can you, as a site owner, deal with this issue? Well, have a good mobile website. This will essentially solve any issues you could conceive of in this arena.

If you aren’t sure if your website is cutting it or not, you can check in webmaster tools’ “crawl errors” section, under “faulty redirect”.

This just points back to our point that if you are ignoring mobile, you are doing it wrong. Make sure that your site makes sense from a mobile perspective and that users can find what they want easily when they arrive at your site. While some people don’t mind pinching and zooming and scrolling around on your web page that does not fit onto a phone screen, other will immediately abandon. And if Google warns them before they enter your site that they are getting redirected to an incorrect page, they many not even HAVE the chance to abandon your site.

So take care of it now… or let us take care of it for you!



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