As you would assume from the name, Google Realtime Search provides search results in real-time with a dynamic stream of content from across the Web, live and automatically updating instantaneously.

What Realtime Search does is,

  • gather news stories,
  • blog posts,
  • updates from social networks
  • and it presents them in a constantly refreshing stream

How it Helps You:

  • Cut through the noise
  • Beat journalist to the breaking news before it hits major headlines with Google Alerts
  • See the entire conversation from initial comment to up-to-the second replies
  • Look back in time to see what people were saying about a specific topic
  • Refine a search to see what people in a specific area (town, state or country) are saying about a product, service, brand


Advantage for Businesses

If you are a business participating in social media, smile away, as Google is providing you another advantage over companies that are not. With the launch of real-time search, businesses that are active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will have an advantage in getting found online because they will show up in real-time search.

Advantage for Marketers

Lucky us, we can now monitor online conversations about our clients FOR FREE! We can see how the press release we just distributed for our client was viewed by consumers and take a peak into the discussion surrounding our clients newest special offer.