You bet they do — Video can increase your search engine optimization and increase traffic to your site — if orchestrated correctly

Small and mid-sized businesses often struggle standing up to the bigger guys — earning visibility when the larger organizations consume it all. Video SEO is a powerful method of drawing visitors to your Web site.

Gain Visibility in Search Engines with Videos


Video Search Engine Marketing


Surprisingly, videos can increase your search engine visibility significantly if hosted on entities other than your Web site, such as YouTube or TubeMogul. Businesses have experienced huge advantages, generated leads in hosting a video on a video hosting site rather than their own Web site, due to the following:

  • A search engine spider cannot crawl your video behind the firewall on your Web site. This is a huge problem regarding video SEO because viewings lead to higher search engine rankings, search engine prominence. On a video hosting site, however your video can earn great search engine prominence the more it is viewed.

Don’t just Upload It Spiderfect it!

Video’s can be made spider friendly in more ways than one and here’s how:

1) Text is Queen The Video is, of course, King

Incorporate keywords into the text that accompanies the video, including the title of the video, category, tags. If possible, provide a transcript of what is said in the video to boost video SEO.

2) Inform They Shall Come

Drive traffic to the video on the hosted site so the video hosting provider can track viewings. Post the URL to the video on your Facebook page, LinkedIn Group, blog and even your Web site.

3) Quality, Quality, Quality

We, or Google, can’t say it enough. Sure, an inexpensive digital camera can be utilized to film the video, that is not what we are referring to in terms of quality here. Certainly try and make the video as aesthetically appealing as possible, but what we are referring to is the way you get people to view your video. Ensure you are using relevant, quality terms to get people to watch your clip. According to industry experts, sneaky people have been including links to their video using popular terms such as BP, Justin Beiber or Jet Blue Guy in order to get views to their video not so quality.