As anyone in digital marketing will tell you, there have been lots of changes in SEO as well as paid search and display advertising in the past year. As an Atlanta digital marketing agency, continue to ride the wave while asking questions such as: “What will Google take away next?” “What platforms strategies or campaigns seem to be working best in a particular vertical?” The answers change as fast as the questions.

One thing we do incredibly well is monitor campaigns and optimize based on what we can actually see working or not working. Since display banner blindness is something we contend with, what is the actual value in advertising digitally? Now that C-suite CMO’s as well as small and midsize business owners have become smart to the idea of digital marketing and advertising being trackable, what is in the value of branding?

For years I have driven down interstates and looked at billboards and wondered why copious amounts of money are spent for highway surface art? Why is it that companies spend so much money on something for me to mindlessly look at as I drive down the highway? What is the actual value in it? Why is so much money spent to provide annoying TV commercials when my reaction is to turn down the TV or immediately change the channel?  There must be value right? How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook? Is it a coincidence that even our social media channels of choice are becoming pay to play?  Display advertising is becoming more and more influential with large and small brands alike.

Share of Global Adspend


According to a study performed by Zenith Optimedia, digital ads represented 22% of all ad spend in the U.S. in 2013, and IBM predicts there is going to be a 40% increase in digital spend over the next four years. These are staggering numbers.   Zenith Optimedia created the study to show where they believe paid search and display advertising dollars are going to increase and by how much over the next year. They have also included data regarding other mediums of advertising for reference. Please note that they focus on the U.S. in this study primarily because as you can see below, the U.S. represents the majority of paid media and ad spend.

Branding has extreme value when it comes to digital advertising the same as an ad in the Yellow Pages did years ago. Potential customers or clients need to feel like your business is legitimate and they need a place to find you. Display advertising, paid search advertising and a good content marketing strategy can provide success. Keep in mind that you will usually see far better results from a conversion stand point with retargeting being that a prospect has already interacted with your brand. While the digital tools are there at your disposal, always remember to implement best practices in traditional marketing and advertising by using a clear message, aggressive offer and key differentiators that may persuade a prospect to pick you over someone else.

internet adspend by typeDigital Breakdown by Budget

There is a considerable amount of noise in the digital marketing world. There are display ads on every page of the web, every social media channel and every engine where a search query is made and rightfully so. This is big business folks. Since your competitors are there, you should be as well. A good agency and creative team can help you differentiate you and your product or service from the rest. Display Advertising is getting the most attention and dollars in digital marketing budgets due to branding and conversion success highly due to remarketing and retargeting campaigns. If you are a CMO, CEO or a small business owner, take a long look at digital marketing and hire an agency to help you design and good strategy. Remember… the competitors who you think are competition may not be who you think they are on the web.


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