Paid search used to be a pretty simple tool for companies to manage but over the last few years Google has made paid search very, very complex. In the old days (early 2000s) you only had a few choices to make when setting up a new account, but my have things changed.

SEO is Harder
Yes, search engine optimization (SEO) has nothing to do with paid search, but if you don’t dominate the organic search listings, then paid search becomes even more important.  In the old days it was easy to update some page titles and tags and your site would rank well in the free, organic listings. But in recent years these tricks of the trade are gone with the wind and it takes really great, useful content to propel your site to the top of search engines.  As a result, paid search has become critical.

Account Structure is Everything
Paid search is a lot like the golf swing. If you are setup wrong, you have no chance of hitting the perfect shot. PPC account structure matters, and it’s easy to setup your account incorrectly unless you have tons of experience with multiple paid search accounts. At TwentySix2 Marketing we value account structure so much that we review every new PPC account design as a team to insure that we do things right.  Sound account structure is the key to success.

Keyword Research is Critical
Another very important thing you can do when setting up a paid search account is keyword research.  Keyword selection is one of the hardest things to get right. From time to time in our office we have all our account managers perform keyword research for the same client just to see who comes up with what keywords. It is amazing how many people come up with different lists of keywords. To solve this problem we built a pretty lengthy checklist of things to consider when performing keyword research for a client. As a result, there is very little keyword list variation from account manager to account manager these days, but the fact remains that keyword research is critical and difficult at the same time.

Time is Money
To manage a paid search account properly, you have to spend time looking at the numbers, thinking about the numbers and deciding what to do with all the data. You have to setup tests, change sales offers, update landing pages, monitor bid prices and the list goes on… If you want paid search to work, there are many, many good reasons to hire an expert, but the best reason is hiring an expert saves you time and therefore money.

Poor Ad Copy Generates Poor Results
Imagine your campaign is setup and less than 1% of the people that see your ad actually click on your ad. Now imagine you could re-write your ad copy to increase the click through rate to 4%. That change would yield a 300% increase in potential website visitors and sales. A skilled and experienced paid search account manager is vital to developing good ad copy.  The more you test, the more you learn and the better a PPC campaign will perform.

If You Can’t Measure Everything, Something is Wrong
A good paid search account manager can measure everything from phone calls to web forms to closed deals. The reason digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing is that you can measure results.  A good PPC expert can help you close the loop with technology applications that track in-bound phone calls, web leads and sales results.  Whether you are an e-commerce company that can measure results instantly or a B2B company that takes months to close deals, in today’s world everything should be measured.

Click Fraud Prevention
As paid search has matured, click fraud is not as big a problem as it once was, but it is important to know how to monitor your log files and how to get refunds from search engines. Experience in this area can save you a lot of money if things do go wrong.

Paid Search Geeks Keep Up with Industry Changes
If your paid search account manager doesn’t read twenty blogs about PPC, they are in the wrong business. Things change fast baby and the only way to keep up is to be passionate about online marketing, paid search, web analytics and data. If you don’t love this stuff, you are dead.

Google Wants You to Try It On Your Own
When you do things incorrectly, you waste money.  Google gives you a lot of options to manage your own paid search account because they want you to manage your own paid search account.  They make money when you make mistakes.  Miss a few negative keywords and waste some money.  Bid too much for a low performing keyword phrase and waste some money.  The possibilities are endless.

A good paid search account manager is worth their weight in gold.

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