The Problem

Our client is a personal injury attorney firm that serves multiple areas near Orlando, Fla, specializing in personal injury, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, negligence, nursing home abuse and workers compensation cases. The client did not rank well in Google for their target keywords. Rankings were so poor that for many searches that their site didn’t appear until page 5 or 6, meaning they might as well not show up at all. After completing our in-depth SEO audit of the site, we discovered that there were many duplicate and missing tags. Few of the pages had proper title tags or meta descriptions. None of the images were optimized for Google or Bing. Some of the pages had poorly written, unfocused content that didn’t answer any questions.

The Solution

We started like we always do– with a full SEO and technology audit of the site. We used that audit to create a list of todos, organized by priority. For this client, we decided to start with the quickest change first. We re-wrote all their title tags and meta descriptions to be unique and match the content on the page. The client had several hundred pages of blog posts, so we knew that this seemingly insignificant change could have a big affect on the way Google saw the pages.

The Results

In just one month, we moved the client’s site from page 5+ to page 2 for 10 unique, high-priority keywords. Overall, we immediately improved their rankings for 18 keywords. In many cases, those rankings improved by over 30 positions.
Now that we’ve set the foundation for a successful SEO campaign, we’ll focus on a smaller group of phrases and work to get them on to page one for highly searched, highly profitable keywords.