The Situation

The air conditioning market in Orlando, FL is very competitive as AC units and HVAC systems are a necessity in the almost year-round heat. Many homeowners in the Orlando area are in need of HVAC advice, service or repair and products. In this case, Del-Air was interested in grasping a larger portion of the air conditioning business.

The Strategy

By researching the surrounding air conditioning companies and assessing their place in the market, we developed an SEO campaign designed to attract qualified customers. Orlando is one of the top cities with the most need for air conditioning units throughout the year, and developing relevant copy, and positioning Del-Air’s products and services within that market was a challenge.

The Results

Within 3 months, 23 of the top targeted keywords achieved a first page ranking on Google. After 8 months, 30+ first page Google rankings had been attained, which in turn increased monthly organic website visits by almost 100% compared to the year before.

The Verdict

Our online marketing strategies are developed on a case by case basis. Regardless of the size of your business or the market you are trying to reach, we have the experience, resources and technology to get you connected with your customers.