The three ways our team stays smarter than our competitors is 1) testing online marketing tactics on multiple websites and coming to our own conclusions, sharing our knowledge internally with one another, and reading blogs from the best and the brightest. One of the better blogs I read on a regular basis is The Future Buzz. Adam Singer wrote a great blog the other day on 77 Insights from More than a Decade on the Web, Daily.

While most of the 77 ideas are based on the world of blogging , the ideas I found most relevant to the online marketing business were:

7) People hate flash – especially influencers
14) Telling stories that are unique, novel or in some way remarkable can always cut through the clutter
22) Content trumps design
23) A vast majority of web designers still can’t create Google-friendly sites
24) Knowing traditional graphic design doesn’t make you qualified to do web design
25) Search advertising is exceedingly effective if you know how to use it right and have a good product
31) People love lists
35) The most passionate professionals in every industry blog
39) People with mobile devices are far more efficient at spreading news than traditional media
45) E-commerce requires patience and good leadership/strategy
52) There are still newcomers, but eventually such a thing won’t exist
56) You don’t need to spend insane amounts of money to develop a popular site, product or web destination, but you do have to have a strong strategy, purpose and goal
70) People will always take the path of least resistance
71) With design, less is more
76) Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come

Other ideas I would add to the list are:

78) Every site should have clear calls to action, such as buy online, complete a form online, register for a blog or newsletter, or download a PDF
79) All webmasters should install Google Analytics (even if you use another tool also) and use is to track what channels drive visitors to execute your site’s calls to action
80) Most large companies waste for too much money on paid search
81) If your website has a Google PageRank of 6 or higher, then you should focus a large majority of your marketing budget on good content and search engine optimization – it will pay huge dividends
82) If your site is B2B, you have to measure online leads from the web and track them through closing offline with a CRM tool

To see a list of some of the blogs I read on a daily basis, visit Blogs for Small Business CEOs.