The Situation

A natural gas marketer and energy supplier for residential and business customers was working with a large Atlanta marketing agency on paid search advertising, but they were not achieving an acceptable return on investment from their paid search ad spend. In June 2008 Scana hired TwentySix2 Marketing to help overhaul their existing paid search program and they have been a client ever since.

The Solution

TwentySix2 employed a variety of strategies to re-engineer the existing paid search ad campaigns, including increasing the total number of campaigns to provide more visibility into what was working and what wasn’t, creating new sales offers to increase click through rates, developing new paid search landing pages to increase website conversion rates, improving the web analytics system to more accurately track and measure the precise return on ad spend and thinking outside the box.

The Results

As a result of these efforts, we accomplished all four of our goals:

  1. Find more eyeballs to see the ads
  2. Inspire more people to click on the ads
  3. Convert more browsers into buyers
  4. Do all of this for less money

The Results included:

  • 42% decrease in paid search ad spending
  • 190% higher ad click through rates due to better sales offers and ad copy
  • 342% increase in visitor conversion due to better landing pages
  • 230% increase in return on ad spend