Most online marketing agencies try to lock their clients into long term contracts, but we think there is a better way.  We think agencies should be accountable for results and clients should only invest in marketing services if they get results. Our client-centered pricing program has flexibility and accountability built in, and it’s unlike anything you will find in the industry.

Our Fine Print

Adjustable Retainer
In the first few months of every client engagement, we do a ton of hard work and usually over deliver by a mile. However, at some point in every project the tables turn and there comes a point of diminishing returns. As a trusted advisor in the world of digital marketing, our goal is to continuously add value and pay for ourselves by generating more sales, more profitably.  When that starts to change, we reduce our fee.  Sometimes our clients ask for the reduction and sometimes we offer it.  In the end, we are successful when our clients grow sales profitably, so we do our best to ensure this happens. It’s not conventional, but it works.

Quarterly Action Plans
A great marketing strategy is useless without an execution plan. We collaborate with our clients to create Quarterly Action Plans that clearly define who will do what by when. We clarify what success will look like so everyone is on the same page in terms of results and return on investment. We collaborate with your team to decide where to focus our energy and attention for the best outcomes possible. In the world of digital marketing there is a lot of work to do, so it’s all about setting expectations, following through and being accountable.

Account Ownership
Believe it or not, some online marketing companies (like ReachLocal) don’t let you keep your Google AdWords account if you decide to move on. The problem is that when this happens, all or your historical marketing and conversion data is lost forever. Imagine that you have invested thousands of dollars in paid search and your agency just keeps all the data that shows what worked well and what didn’t. We treat clients like friends, so we obviously don’t do this.  You own every online account, every SEO tag and everything else we do for you, even if you decide to move on someday.

Cancellation Clause
You can cancel our agreement with just 30 days notice. Just send us an email.

Retainer Pricing

Our monthly marketing retainers vary from project to project depending on the situation and the services delivered.  Smaller clients pay between $2,000 and $4,000 a month, while larger clients pay between $4,000 and $8,000 a month.  Pricing varies depending on a number of things, including the scope of work, the number of geographic markets served, the number of keywords managed and a clients’ advertising budget.

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