It was quite obvious judging from the popularity and success of the Facebook Like button that Google, its arch nemesis would come up with something to compete with or at least compare to the button. And sure enough today, the announcement of Googles own button has been made. Enter the +1 button.

The button, which will be rolled out on Google Search, allows people to recommend ads to their friends and contacts. According to Google, personalized annotations will help users know when Google ads are relevant to them, bringing more qualified traffic to Web sites running ads.

Google +1

According to Google, the +1 button will soon be available for users to add to Web sites too, enabling users to recommend your site to their friends. The button will provide users more chances to +1 content and help Web sites receive higher quality traffic.

Google also points to the fact that they’ve been using data from social services, Twitter and Flickr, as signals in organic search rankings, and say now that they will use the +1 as an additional signal in organic search to help users find recommendations from their friends and contacts.

Search Takeaway

Google just told us they are looking to Twitter and Flickr as signals in organic search rankings get on Twitter and Flickr!

When the +1 button is available for Web sites, put it on your site! Currently, Google will send you an email when the button is ready for your site, at sign up for an email update.

Watch Google’s video describing the product so you can update your clients on it,