Your Google Local Listing used to be easy. You would set up a local listing in Google’s Local Listings for Business Dashboard, mail yourself a postcard pin, and then edit and improve your listing until the end of time.

Then, Google+ happened. And Google wanted to make Google+ a thing. Real bad.
Google Plus... Not Going to HappenAnd in order to do so, they suddenly tried to integrate Google Plus with Google Local, and all of a sudden you needed a Google Plus profile, a Google Plus Business Page and a Google Local Listing to make sure you had your bases covered. The real issue with this is that when Google rolled out this local platform, a lot of duplication occurred and listings became duplicated, incorrect and oftentimes locked users out of their own listings.

We have had several instances where a perfectly optimized profile was suddenly split into two listings and we had lost the ability to make any changes. In a world where local results make up a large portion of the first page, you can imagine the frustration this caused to ourselves and our clients.

Worse still were the counter-intuitive Google+ Business Pages, which in our experience never worked quite the way you wanted them to and often locked you out for no reason. Also, you were having to upload the same information into  multiple pages in order to make sure your local listing and business page matched up.

All of the complain-y reasons above are why I am not overjoyed about Google’s announcement that you can now allow your Google+ business page to link your page to your local listing. Google claims that this will apply the business information, like address, reviews, hours and more, from Google Maps to your Page. This is great news –  but only if it works.

That being said, if this does work, it would be a great step towards streamlining the local listing process and ensuring that your information is the same across the Google-verse with as little effort as possible on your end.

Try it out yourselves- Search Engine Land wrote a great article listing what you can do and how you can do it – and let us know if it works for you. I’d love to stop being so cynical, I just need a reason to believe.



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