We named our company after a marathon because experience has taught us that being successful online requires a lot of hard work and a fair amount of time. There are no quick fixes. It is a journey, not a sprint. Be careful of any online marketing company that tells you differently.

A fact of online marketing is that the potential it holds and how fast a business can get there depends on where it is today. The only vehicle that can drive a substantial amount of traffic is paid search, which we view more as paid online advertising rather than organic online marketing.

Online Opportunity
The great thing about the internet is that we can quickly estimate the potential size of your market online by doing some keyword research and competitive analysis. We can also evaluate how your website stacks up against the competition by comparing things like website content, link popularity, social media buzz and so on. These market analysis tools give us the ability to estimate what you might expect from SEO, paid search, social media and online marketing in general. We think that setting our client’s expectations using this information is critical to a successful, long-lasting relationship.

Factors that will impact your chances for success in online marketing include:

Business DNA

  • Industry served
  • Geographic markets served
  • Competition
  • Averages sales transaction size
  • Number of transactions per year
  • Lifetime value of a customer

Factors Under Your Control

  • Site design (search engine friendly)
  • Depth of website content
  • Number and quality of in-bound links
  • Share of voice on social media

Factors Not in Your Control

  • Size of keyword universe (how often people search for your products)
  • Age of your website domain URL
  • Strength of competitive websites
  • SEO keyword competition
  • Paid search keyword pricing competition

If you are already off to a good start, then your domain name may have been around for a while (5+ years), you may have a fair amount of website content (100+ pages), there may be a decent number of links from other sites to your website (200+ links) and you may have a good online reputation with good reviews. If this is the case, we can get some traction online very quickly.

On the other hand, if you are a small website or a new business, then the timeline for acquiring a significant amount of website traffic may take longer.