The Problem

An ecommerce site offering products for night clubs and event venues realized that their website wasn’t getting as much organic search traffic as they’d like. They needed someone who could could identify profitable keywords, create a coherent plan of attack, and generate real revenue from organic search traffic.

The Results

  • Built organic search into the site’s #1 source of sales (51% of monthly sales)
  • Twenty three more keywords rank on the first three pages of Google results
  • Three highly profitable keywords consistently rank number one in SERPs
  • Twenty-two profitable keywords rank on the first page
  • Organic traffic grew at twice the rate of other traffic sources
  • Organic traffic up 116% year-over-year– that over 2,400 visits per month
  • Organic bounce rates dropped
  • Referral traffic improved 56%

The Solution

  • Intensive keyword research into thousands of keyword combinations and possibilities
  • Optimization of page title tags, description, and content, including tags for hundreds of individual products
  • Installed analytics software and configured goals to monitor profitability according to traffic source, demographics, and keywords
  • Dozens of pages of original content based on keyword search volume, competition, and profitability
  • High quality, hand-picked link building campaigns based on keywords and market
  • Consistent, ongoing analysis of keyword performance and profitability
  • On site click, scroll, and UX testing
  • Working with site developers, creating small, incremental positive changes to UX