The Problem

An ecommerce site offering products for night clubs and event venues realized that their paid search advertising wasn’t generating as much revenue as they’d like. They needed someone who could do more than simply bring paid search under control– they needed someone to turn the medium into a reliable source of income that could grow with the rest of the company.

The Results

In just two months of work with TwentySix2

  • Ad spend dropped 19%
  • Market share increased 42%
  • Conversion rate jumped 3.35%

And results continue to improve:

  • Turned paid search into the site’s #2 source of sales (surpassed only by organic search, which was managed by TwentySix2)
  • Obtained star ratings in ads, setting them apart from the competition
  • Ad spend 56% lower than previous levels
  • Market share continues to average between 80% and 97%
  • Conversion rates have reached 5.65% over previous levels
  • Traffic remains highly qualified– Bounce rates from paid search traffic dropped 17%, Pages-per-visit grew 28%

The Solution

  • Linked paid search efforts with BizRate and Google reviews
  • Created dozens of campaigns and ad groups for individual products
  • Tested large volumes of unique ad copy for products and keyword groups
  • Added hundreds unique phrase- and exact-match keywords, and refined with negative keywords
  • Controlled spend by establishing cost-per-conversion, adjusting monthly budgets, and CPCs
  • Implemented remarketing, location, and other ad extensions
  • Opted in to relevant paid search betas