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703, 2014

The Mobile Site Audit You Need To Do Right Now

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We work with a lot of companies to get mobile sites right. Whether we opt for responsive design, a subdomain, or a simplified static version of the site, ensuring that search engines find and index mobile site properly is an important step in any meaningful SEO plan.

Luckily, the people over at Moz have done it […]

3110, 2013

The Importance of Landing Pages

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Recently, I was working on a client’s PPC campaign. We had a very low CTR for one of our campaigns. We checked our ad copy, bidding strategy and several other factors. After doing some more research, we decided we needed to change the landing page that we were sending people to.

Landing pages are critical in […]

2006, 2007

The Nine Rules of Website Stickiness

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“Try a little tenderness”

These words from the great voice of Otis Redding describe perfectly what a relationship should be between a website and its owner. Websites should be coddled, loved and spoiled. Remember that websites work for you 24/7, they represent you and everything your company stands for 100% of the time, so they need to be maintained.

But without any site traffic, the love you give your site won’t be apparent to anyone but yourself. Maybe you get some traffic on occasion, but it trickles off. So what can you do to your site to keep visitors interested and give others a reason to view it as well?

Get out the fly paper because we’re going to make your site sticky.

2505, 2007

“This is a Stick Up…..Gimme All your Domain Names!”

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Everyone likes a quick solution to something. In our society, we are consumed with getting desired results with minimal effort. A great example of this is weight loss via diet pills or even fast food. We barely wait on anything anymore. Unfortunately, with this consummation come other, more devastating avenues to get results in the “get rich quick” scheme of things.

With the internet, as with most things, people will find ways to cheat their way to the top. And as clever as thieves can be, their actions are generally prompted by pure monetary greed. One of the most disturbing cases of internet thievery is domain hijacking, where identity theft is used to trick the domain registrar into allowing the hijacker to change the registration information to steal control of an unexpired domain from the legitimate owner.

Ever heard of the case, one of the biggest internet rip offs in history?