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703, 2014

The Mobile Site Audit You Need To Do Right Now

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We work with a lot of companies to get mobile sites right. Whether we opt for responsive design, a subdomain, or a simplified static version of the site, ensuring that search engines find and index mobile site properly is an important step in any meaningful SEO plan.

Luckily, the people over at Moz have done it […]

901, 2014

Google FINALLY gives us better data in WMT

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Jennifer Slegg did a good job, over at SEWatch, of recapping Google’s most recent update to Webmaster Tools. If you haven’t read her entry, I suggest you go read it now.

I’m not going to recap everything she wrote, but the newest update has left me with some opinions.. and some lingering questions.
Opinions About The Change

The […]

301, 2014

Trends and Opportunities in Digital Marketing Strategy

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Being that digital marketing is essentially inbound marketing in the truest form, analyzing trends and creating a digital marketing strategy for a client based on collected data from user engagement is the crux of the biscuit. Google also offers some pretty great information to use for this purpose through Think Insights.

This past year we saw a […]

412, 2013

How to Create a Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

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If you find yourself using Google Analytics to monitor your website performance and tend to look up the same metrics each time, it may be a good idea to create a custom dashboard so that all of your wanted key performance indicators can be in one place.

Once you set up your dashboard with the different […]

3110, 2013

The Importance of Landing Pages

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Recently, I was working on a client’s PPC campaign. We had a very low CTR for one of our campaigns. We checked our ad copy, bidding strategy and several other factors. After doing some more research, we decided we needed to change the landing page that we were sending people to.

Landing pages are critical in […]

2310, 2013

Google AND Bing Webmaster Tools: An Underrated Duo

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Here at TwentySix2, we’ve noticed that Webmaster Tools is continually undervalued by clients. Sure, Google Analytics deserves to get its share of the attention, but it doesn’t provide actionable data as easily or explicitly as Webmaster Tools.

This article we read by Search Engine Watch is a breath of fresh air as it really highlights the […]

1206, 2012

Changes to AdWords keyword matches – are you getting the whole story?

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Not too long after Google published their 2012 Q1 earnings announcement showing a decrease in CPCs for the second-straight quarter, we started noticing the following paragraph at the top of AdWords Help pages:
“In mid-May, we’ll be improving our exact match and phrase match options to allow your ads to show for search terms that are […]

606, 2007

The Truth About Website Analytics

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Webstie analytics tools, like Omniture (the tool we use) and Google Analytics (a free tool), are meant to help companies look at their website traffic and analyze the data in order to make good business decisions about marketing and website usability / design.

Website analytics software can tell you things like:

How many visitors you get (unique visitors, repeat visitors)
Who your visitors are (what country, what state)
Where your visitors come from (search engines, other websites, email)
What they do when they get to your site (pages they click, where they exit)
If they perform the desired ‘call to action’ (buy, fill out a form, sign up)

I recently worked with two very large Fortune 500 clients (we still love small business customers too) who had over $5 million each invested in website analytics technology that did not work. Their IT guy made excuses and blamed it on his predecessors. The software vendor blamed it on the hardware configuration and the old IT guy. My thought was “Hey, who gives a damn. Someone give me the $5 million back right now.”

If I paid someone $5 million, I assure you the damn thing better work, or I would be getting my money back. By the way, if you want to give me $5 million and get nothing in return, I could write this blog from the beach instead of my office! Sometimes big companies amaze me!