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2504, 2014

Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency Ad Spend is on the Rise

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As anyone in digital marketing will tell you, there have been lots of changes in SEO as well as paid search and display advertising in the past year. As an Atlanta digital marketing agency, continue to ride the wave while asking questions such as: “What will Google take away next?” “What platforms strategies or campaigns […]

2002, 2014

SEO in 2014

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The SEO industry is constantly changing and evolving. New platforms, devices and ways to share information all have a big implication on how we will continue to optimize sites in the future in the never-ending effort to win Google over. The basic fundamentals – creating useful, relevant, high-quality content as well as acquiring quality links […]

1702, 2014

Why LinkedIn Ad Targeting is Awesome

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I started working at my current job in August of 2013. I am still learning tons everyday about SEO and I am still definitely a PPC newbie. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of great experience managing PPC campaigns – especially in Google Adwords. I’ve been helping manage several PPC campaigns and it truly is […]

3112, 2013

Predictions for Mobile SEO in 2014

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As my colleagues and I begin to explore the “what” and “how” of SEO while moving into 2014, we realize that there is still a valuable industry “mobile” oriented discussion at hand for digital marketers. We have been optimizing for mobile through the construction of mobile sites and responsive design as well as engaging with social […]

711, 2013

Twitter Goes Public | Blog Post From an Atlanta Search Engine Marketing Agency

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November 7, 2013

Technology never ceases to amaze me… It all starts when an idea created to solve a problem is born out of a basement or garage somewhere in middle America… or for that matter, in Silicon Valley. The true success stories are inspiring when these ideas eventually become publicly traded companies. Being that technology […]

2510, 2013

Why Your Search and Social Need to Align

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The US economy and corporate structure has evolved to a point where specialization is the norm. Specific jobs and tasks can call for specific contractors, and while this specialization allows your company to operate with a higher chance of expertise in a given field, it can often lead to miscommunication and loss of synchronicity in […]

1710, 2013

YouTube Optimization: Local Search Benefits

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YouTube optimization is a strategy that is often overlooked, but is a tactic that can be very beneficial to the local search optimization of one’s company. It is important to remember that a YouTube video should always be compelling, and the subject should provide valuable information to the viewer. From there, you can use the […]

1510, 2013

Optimizing for Facebook: What You Need to Know

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Facebook now has the ability to, like Google, detect high quality content on your page. Jordan Kasteler tells us that like content on any web page, it is important that the content on your News Feed “be timely, relevant, trustworthy and valuable.” Learn more about how to better maximize your visibility on Facebook’s News Feed from […]

602, 2013

The Basics of Twitter

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Twitter is a great tool for socializing, collecting great content, finding great deals and for connecting with people that have similar interests to yours.  It’s easy to use because Tweets are limited to just 140 characters and there are a large number of tools that make it easy to connect and share.  At TwentySix2, we […]

502, 2013

Pinterest for Online Marketing

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The field of online marketing provides an almost endless amount of new content to find, learn and share.  In fact, our Atlanta SEO agency subscribes to almost 100 blogs covering everything there is to know about website marketing.  There are millions of blog posts, thousands of websites and hundreds of online tools dedicated to the […]