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2802, 2014

Business Development from the Perspective of a Search Engine Marketing Professional

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Over the years I have learned that it is best to cast a line where the fish are biting. Since a large part of my job as a search engine marketing professional is business development, it is important to know who the buyers are. Out of all of the blogs I read that are written […]

1001, 2014

The Naked Brand, SEO, and Success

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We all know that the claims of traditional SEO death are about 50% bull. The question is which 50%, and what does it mean for your company’s opportunities to make money through the internet?

While I’ve got some strong opinions on the subject, it’s not always been easy to explain things to clients and prospects. That […]

2607, 2007

Brand protection in the form of a simple e-mail

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Have you ever had a moment of narcissism and Googled yourself? You might be surprised at what you’ll find. It’s amazing how fast your words can get picked up, twisted and turned around and BAM…you’ve got bad press, leaving you to sit there, saying, “wait, I had press?”

Because information is no longer sacred and because privacy seems to be a thing of the past, you and your good name may be a target for malicious burglary. That’s right, I said it, there are name burglars out there. And not only can they take YOUR name, but your company’s as well. Good news? There is a great solution to this criminal problem.

2706, 2007

Five ways to legally spy on the competition

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Having a website entitles you to no privacy, leaving every company on the Internet equally vulnerable to their enemies. Now, this sounds like a bad thing, but there is an advantage to this openness and I have already said it. EVERY company is equally open to scrutiny, meaning you have the same chance as everyone else to spy on the competition.