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306, 2014

Google adds another log to the already confusing local listing fire

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Your Google Local Listing used to be easy. You would set up a local listing in Google’s Local Listings for Business Dashboard, mail yourself a postcard pin, and then edit and improve your listing until the end of time.

Then, Google+ happened. And Google wanted to make Google+ a thing. Real bad.
And in order to do […]

2504, 2014

Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency Ad Spend is on the Rise

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As anyone in digital marketing will tell you, there have been lots of changes in SEO as well as paid search and display advertising in the past year. As an Atlanta digital marketing agency, continue to ride the wave while asking questions such as: “What will Google take away next?” “What platforms strategies or campaigns […]

502, 2014

Trying to Stay Ahead of Your Competition? You’d Better Be Using Google+ Local

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As a best practice, if you have a local business, in order to have any sort of online local presence, it is imperative that you create and optimize a Google+ Local profile. Jason Decker, author of “5 Tips to Kill the Competition in Local Search,” goes into detail about the direct correlation between optimized Google+ […]

301, 2014

Trends and Opportunities in Digital Marketing Strategy

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Being that digital marketing is essentially inbound marketing in the truest form, analyzing trends and creating a digital marketing strategy for a client based on collected data from user engagement is the crux of the biscuit. Google also offers some pretty great information to use for this purpose through Think Insights.

This past year we saw a […]

3112, 2013

Predictions for Mobile SEO in 2014

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As my colleagues and I begin to explore the “what” and “how” of SEO while moving into 2014, we realize that there is still a valuable industry “mobile” oriented discussion at hand for digital marketers. We have been optimizing for mobile through the construction of mobile sites and responsive design as well as engaging with social […]

1012, 2013

Local Search: How to Create a Long Term Strategy

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Many believe that local search marketing is becoming more difficult. Myles Anderson, author of an article titled 62% of Marketers Say Local Search is Getting Harder, believes this is partly because of “regular product updates, algorithm changes, and increasing mobile search usage.” In order to stay on top of local optimization, one must complete several steps […]

2408, 2010

2 Search Engines that Count…ah-relief

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According to Bing this a.m. Today I am happy to share that Bing is powering Yahoo!’s search results in the US and Canada (English only for now, the other languages will come in the weeks and months ahead)

Bye bye Yahoo search, hello Bing. Note the Powered by Bing at the bottom of the Yahoo! search […]

1908, 2010

Location-based Social Networks: Trend or Social Networking Trait

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According to Mashable and HubSpot, location-based social networks are becoming a mainstream feature of social networking. Well yes, I would say so…now that the most popular social network in the world has a location-based social network.

Facebook Places for Socialites

Individuals can sign into Facebook Places and allow Facebook to know their location. They can then […]