2502, 2016

Employee Skills and Expertise

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At TwentySix2 Marketing, we invest a lot of time, money and energy into employee training. Training for employees varies depending on their position, but we do ask every employee to do some learning on their own by reading 5 books that we think helps set our agency apart from others. We have a complex training […]

506, 2014

Google to Mobile-ize New Search Engine Results

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If you have been reading the blog posts here at TwentySix2, you have likely been hit over the head many times with a simple idea, three words long.
Mobile. Is. Important.

Have you been out in public lately? Just about everyone is staring at a phone screen, no matter where you look. Public is starting to feel […]

2504, 2014

Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency Ad Spend is on the Rise

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As anyone in digital marketing will tell you, there have been lots of changes in SEO as well as paid search and display advertising in the past year. As an Atlanta digital marketing agency, continue to ride the wave while asking questions such as: “What will Google take away next?” “What platforms strategies or campaigns […]

2802, 2014

Business Development from the Perspective of a Search Engine Marketing Professional

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Over the years I have learned that it is best to cast a line where the fish are biting. Since a large part of my job as a search engine marketing professional is business development, it is important to know who the buyers are. Out of all of the blogs I read that are written […]

1102, 2014

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Bing Ads offers better data with a reporting update

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In an age where online marketers are finding it harder and harder to pinpoint data and gather worthwhile statistics, Bing Ads has given the industry a nice little boost by announcing an update on their reporting capabilities.

This mostly effects conversion data, making it more robust and easier to use by adding the full set of […]

2101, 2014

3 Low Tech Tools that Will Change Your Life

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I belong to a CEO networking group called EO – Entrepreneur’s Organization.  It’s a great organization with great people and it has helped transform my business.

I joined EO and continue to belong to EO for a couple reasons:

1) EO offers some great educational, business leadership seminars from some nationally-known speakers.

2) I enjoy belonging to a […]

1701, 2014

Growth – Outward and Inward

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Many business pundits contend that if a business doesn’t grow, it will die.  I understand this statement on one level, but I disagree on another.  It’s great to grow sales if you are ready for it, but the fastest way to go out of business is to sell more products or services than you are […]